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Real Estate Law

It's a Big Decision


Buying a home is likely to be the most expensive yet important purchase of your life. Investing in commercial property will be one of the biggest decisions your company makes. Whether you are the Seller or Buyer in a real estate transaction, it can be quite stressful.


The attorneys from the Law Offices of Wynton Sharpe possess the legal knowledge and strategies for your success. 

Acquiring real estate is a major investment and you want to ensure that all contract details are consistent with the agreed upon terms. Our goal is to resolve each matter in the most cost-effective way, sparing our clients the time and expense of drawn-out legal disputes. However, we are always prepared for litigation. Whether a first-time purchaser, seller or more experienced investor, you want to be assured that your best interests are protected in these complex transactions.

The Law Offices of Wynton Sharpe will assist you with your sale or purchase. We  represent property owners, management companies, buyers, sellers and other parties in transactional and litigation matters, dedicating the appropriate time required to ensure that your interests are protected. Our proactive approach and years of experience gives us the vision to provide you with customized legal representation.


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