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The process of immigration can be long and tedious; this is why it is so important to have a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer on your side to help you through the process. The knowledgeable and caring Immigration Lawyers at the Law Offices of Wynton Sharpe offers professional legal guidance for immigrants, family members, and employers.  With guidance from our lawyers, you can confidently address your immigration matter with the DHS and/or the USCIS. 

It is not uncommon for American businesses to require the help of non-American workers for temporary and permanent help. When a worker is sought from out of the country, that person will need a work visa or to go through the process of business immigration.

Seeking an employment-based visa is often the preferred method for people coming to the United States to pursue their future. Determining which category you are eligible for, the paperwork you need, and the deadlines you are under can be complicated, considering the limited number of visas available each year.


When one family member files an immigration petition, this person is called a sponsor. There are many legal requirements regarding  sponsoring a family member.  A skilled and experienced Immigration lawyer from The Law Offices of Wynton Sharpe will be able to aid you in your immigration process. With many fist generation immigrants, on our staff, we are sensitive to the interpersonal  and financial concerns involved in the immigration process and we are here to assist you and your love-ones every step of the way.  

At our firm, we recognize the confusion that surrounds this area of the law and are dedicated to helping clear up any misconceptions.

To ensure the best possible chance of success,  consult with an attorney from the Law Offices of Wynton Sharpe. 

To schedule your initial case consultation with a member of our firm, call us today.

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