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Are you having legal issues regarding marriage, adoption, divorce, child support, or are you seeking custody of children?

We are here to guide you through every step of the process.


     Our services in family law include but are not limited to:

  • Child Custody

  • Child Support

  • Contested Divorce

  • Uncontested Divorce

  • Prenuptial Agreement


Family Law

Keep Calm and Call Your Lawyer

If you want to get a divorce in New York, one of the following must apply:

  • You or your spouse has lived in the state for at least two years.

  • You were married in New York and one spouse has lived in the state for at least one year, or

  • You lived in New York as a married couple and either spouse has lived in the state for at least one year.

Marital Property is divided equitably in New York, meaning that property and debts acquired during the marriage are divided between the spouses based on what is fair, which does not necessarily mean the division must be equal.

New York courts calculates child support based on the combined income of both parents. Child support obligations continue until the child turns 21.

In making a child custody or visitation order, New York courts are guided by the best interests of the child. The court may award custody to one or both parents, with the goal being to provide the child with the most stable environment.

From custody disputes to divorce proceedings, The Law Offices of Wynton Sharpe will represent you in all facets of family law. Without question, some of the most emotionally-charged issues in all of law fall under the domain of family law.

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