What To Do If Your Loved One Has Been Arrested

In New York City


Q:  When will they go to Court and what will happen at the first Court Appearance?


A:   Generally in New York City, it takes about 24 hours from the time of arrest tothe arraignment. It is possible, but rare, for people arrested in the early morning to be arraigned late that night. Usually, however, it is pretty close to 24 hours and can be as long as 36 hours. Arraignment courts are not open 24 hours a day. Each County’s arraignment has its own hours.


Q:  Where is my loved one being held?


A:  Immediately after an arrest, people are usually taken to the corresponding precinct of the arresting officers to be processed. For a list of NYPD precinct telephone numbers please access here: If you do not know which precinct your loved one is being held in call 311.


After an arraignment, those who are not released can be found here:


Q: How can I get my loved one out of jail?


A: Depending on the arrestee's charges and any priors, a release can be by way of an ROR (release on own recognizance)—without posting bail, or by posting bail.


Bail may be paid in the courtroom if it is posted at the time when the defendant actually appears there before the judge. If the defendant was already taken away from court, you may post bail at:

  1. Bronx House of Detention, 653 River Avenue, Bronx, NY 10451
  2. Brooklyn House of Detention, 275 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  3. Manhattan House of Detention (The Tombs), 125 White Street, New York, NY 10013
  4. Queens House of Detention, 126-02 82nd Avenue, Queens, NY 11415
  5. Riker's Island, 11-11 Hazen Avenue, East Elmhurst, NY 1137

For more information on inmates, bail, visiting hours, and travel directions call Department of Corrections at (718) 546-0700.


Q: How do I get in contact with central booking or the criminal court?

A: We strongly suggest contacting an attorney and having the attorney contact these agencies on your behalf. Remember, that any contact with law enforcement may result in a damaging statement that may harm you or your loved ones.


NEW YORK COUNTY (Manhattan)- 100 Centre St (Leonard St. & Franklin St.)

  1. 4, 5 train to the Brooklyn Bridge Station;
  2. C, N, R, 6 train to Canal Street;
  3. 1 train to Franklin Street;
  4. 1, 6 or 15 bus line.

Manhattan Central Booking (212) 374-3838; (212) 374-3916

Find Arrest Number: (646) 386-4505, (646) 386-4511, (646) 386-4512

Arraignments Phone: (646) 386-4545    

Arraignment Ready Information: (646) 386-4511 (day only)

Arraignments (fax): (212) 374-1846

Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) phone: (646) 386-4511

Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) fax: 212-374-5293


MIDTOWN COMMUNITY COURT- 314 W. 54th Street, New York, NY

(646) 264-1300 (telephone)




Criminal Court (Felonies pre-Indictment and Misdemeanors)

120 Schermerhorn Street (near Livingston St. & Smith St.)

  1. N, R or M train to the Lawrence Street Station;
  2. G train to the Hoyt Street & Schermerhorn Street Station;
  3. A, F or C train to the Jay Street Station; the 2, 3, 4 or 5 train to the Borough Hall Station.
  4. B67, B41 or B45 bus line to Livingston Street & Smith Street;
  5. B63 or B65 bus line to Atlantic Avenue & Smith Street.

Supreme Court-Criminal Term (post-Indictment Felonies)

320 Jay Street

  1. M, N, R to Court Street;
  2. 2, 3, 4, 5 to Boro Hall;
  3. A, C, F to Jay St./Boro Hall

Brooklyn Central Booking- (718) 935-9210; (718) 875-6586    

Arraignments Phone- (347) 404-9450    

Arraignments Fax: (718) 643-3303



88-94 Visitation Place, Brooklyn, New York

General Info: (718) 923-8200

Fax: 718-923-8269



215 East 161st Street (near Sherman & Sheridan Avenues), Bronx, New York

  1. C, D or 4 train to the Yankee Stadium/161st Street Station.
  2. BX 6 or BX 13 to East 161st Street & Sheridan Avenue; the BX 1 to East 161st Street & Grand Concourse.

Bronx Central Booking:   (718) 643-5678, (718) 643-5675

Arraignments Phone: (718) 590-2886, 2887, 2888

Arraignments Fax: 718-537-5165

Arraignment Coordinator: (718) 590-2924

Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) phone: (718) 590-2858    

Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) fax: (718) 590-2857



125-01 Queens Blvd. (Hoover Avenue & 82nd Avenue), Forrest Hills, New York

  1. E or F train to the Union Turnpike Station.
  2. Buses: Q60, Q37, Q74 and Q46

Queens Central Booking- (718) 268-4523

Intake: (718) 286-6874

Arraignments Phone: (718) 298-0736

Arraignments Fax: 718-520-6975, 7251

Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) phone: (718) 298-0792

Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) fax: 718-520-4712



67 Targee Street (between Frean & Purroy Streets), Staten Island, New York

  1. S74 bus to Broad Street & Gordon Street;
  2. S78 bus to Broad Street & Thompkins Avenue

Arraignments Phone: (718) 390-8400

Arraignments Fax: (718) 390-8405

Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) phone: (718) 390-8409

Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) fax: (718) 390-8405

Staten Island Central Booking: (718) 390-8400  


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